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Publication Standards and Reprints

What is your reprint permission policy?

As an author of the cited paper, you retain co-owner rights to the original content therein. Publisher's permission is hereby granted under the following conditions: (1) the material to be used has appeared in our publication without credit or acknowledgment to another source; and (2) you credit the original SPIE publication. Include the authors' names, title of paper, volume title, SPIE volume number, and year of publication in your credit statement.

What are my rights as an author for reproducing my own SPIE material?

As stated in the SPIE Transfer of Copyright agreement, authors, or their employers in the case of works made for hire, retain the following rights:

  • All proprietary rights other than copyright, including patent rights.
  • The right to make and distribute copies of the Paper for internal purposes.
  • The right to use the material for lecture or classroom purposes.
  • The right to prepare derivative publications based on the Paper, including books or book chapters, Journal papers, and magazine articles, provided that publication of a derivative work occurs subsequent to the official date of publication by SPIE.

Thus, authors may reproduce figures and text in new publications. The SPIE source publication should be referenced.

What is SPIE’s web posting policy for papers published in SPIE Journals and Proceedings?

SPIE grants to authors of papers published in an SPIE Journal or Proceedings the right to post an author-prepared version or an official version (preferred version) of the published paper on an internal or external server controlled exclusively by the author/employer, provided that (a) such posting is noncommercial in nature and the paper is made available to users without charge; (b) an appropriate copyright notice and full citation appear with the paper, and (c) a link to SPIE's official online version of the abstract is provided using the DOI (Document Object Identifier) link.

How can I find out how many times my paper has been cited?

This is not a number we have access to at this time. We plan on adding this feature to the SPIE Digital Library in a future release.

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