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SiteMaster – Institutional Administrative Dashboard

Who can access SiteMaster?

SPIE’s primary license contact at a subscribing institution may access SiteMaster to check their institution’s usage statistics and view or manage account information. Currently, the administrative dashboard system allows only one primary contact per institution.

What does a “primary license contact" mean and entail?

The SPIE Digital Library primary contact serves in the following administrative areas:

  • Renewal coordinator (receives the renewal quote/invoice and confirms the renewal order)
  • Access issues (access difficulty; abuse/suspension notices; IP modifications)

  • SiteMaster administrator (for access to the institution’s usage data)
  • Recipient of email news regarding the SPIE Digital Library, such as our quarterly newsletter.
  • Recipient of invitations such as SPIE-hosted events at SLA, etc.

Our institutional license legally requires that we have a specific contact to reach for the above day-to-day administrative issues. The primary contact can be, but does not need to be, the person that signs the license agreement. While there can be only one SiteMaster administrator, an institution may opt to use an alternative contact for this role.

What is the URL of the SiteMaster administrative dashboard?

The SiteMaster URL is

What are my SiteMaster sign in credentials?

Your SiteMaster sign-in credentials are the same as your SPIE Digital Library and username and password.

How can I change my SiteMaster account username and/or password?

You may change your password at any time by signing in to your account on Please make sure to follow these requirements when changing your password, username, security question or answer. Currently, password, username, security question or answer may contain any letter (capital or lowercase) or number. User names may be no shorter than 5 characters. Symbols are NOT permitted (including but not limited to - ' , ; _ ?).

How can I update the administrator contact information on my SiteMaster account?

Changes to library administrator assignment or updates to administrator contact information should be emailed to SPIE Digital Library Customer Support. 

What institutional information can I view in SiteMaster?

You can view a summary of your institution’s account, including general and administrator contact information, current subscriptions, active IP addresses, list of affiliated users, COUNTER reports, abuse logs, OpenURL, and logos.

Institutional Summary View

How can I find out what IP addresses are currently registered on my institution’s account?

Please sign in to your SiteMaster account and click on Access Options tab.

Access Options View

How can I update my institution’s IP addresses?

IP address changes are administered by the SPIE Digital Library staff. IP address changes should be emailed to SPIE Digital Library Customer Support.

How can I view my institution’s usage statistics?

Sign in to SiteMaster and click on the COUNTER Reports tab. Make sure to select a date range and click on “Update Date Range” tab. Then click on “Download XLSX” to the right of the report you are interested in.


Please note that COUNTER reports' default dates are January through December of the current year.

How can I view the complete 2012 report that includes both pre and post-platform transition stats?

Please open the 2012 COUNTER Report that includes data starting on August 22, 2012. Then open the Legacy Reports zipfile and locate the 2012 report, which includes data from January 1, 2012 through August 21, 2012. Combining data from both reports will give you full usage statistics for 2012.

Why does my institution’s COUNTER Report for 2012 start with August 2012? Why is the beginning of the year missing from the report?

The reason you are not seeing the beginning of 2012 stats on the report is because at that time the data was compiled by AIP/Scitation, our previous platform provider. SPIE changed its platform host on August 22, 2012. The report 2012 COUNTER report was gathered by our new provider, SilverChair, but only starting with August 22, 2012.

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