Proceedings for SPIE Conference Attendees

Starting in 2016, conference attendees will receive access to selected Proceedings of SPIE volumes online as part of conference registration. Print Proceedings may be purchased separately. CD-ROMs will no longer be available.

What are "My Conference Proceedings"?

They include Proceedings volume(s) for SPIE conferences you have attended and selected as part of your conference registration. They are designed to support online access for conference attendees and are accessible via your personal SPIE Digital Library account.

Who Receives “My Conference Proceedings”?

Conference attendees receive a choice of Proceedings of SPIE with their conference registration.

How Do I Select “My Conference Proceedings”?

When you register to attend a conference, online Proceedings of that conference are available to you as part of registration. You can select a single Proceedings (basic registration) or a collection that contains multiple topically related Proceedings volumes (registration upgrade). You may also purchase additional online or print Proceedings beyond what you choose with your registration plan.

When Do “My Conference Proceedings” Become Available?

Conference papers become available online once they are published on the SPIE Digital Library. Most Proceedings are published online 2-4 weeks after a conference.

Papers are published individually over a period of up to a few weeks. Therefore not all papers will be immediately available. Please remember to check back periodically to view newly published papers.

How Do I Know When “My Conference Proceedings” Become Available to Me?

You will receive an email similar to the one below letting you know that you can now access your Proceedings.

Is My Usage Limited and How Long Will I Be Able to Access My Conference Proceedings?

You get unlimited ongoing access to the online conference Proceedings you receive when you attend an SPIE conference.

How Do I Access “My Conference Proceedings”?

Access to online Conference Proceedings is available using your SPIE login credentials. To access your Proceedings:

  • Sign in with your SPIE account credentials at Click the SIGN IN link at the top of the page. If you do not have an SPIE account, create one using the email address you used to register for the conference.
  • Once you have signed in, click the My Account link at the top of the page. You will see links to your selected proceedings volumes in the My Conference Proceedings tab.

This tab contains links to Proceedings volumes for SPIE conferences you have attended and to which you have access.


Note: If your organization subscribes to the SPIE Digital Library, you can also access this content via your organization’s subscription when accessing the SPIE Digital Library through your institution’s network.

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