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Photonics West 2016

Medical Imaging 2016

Radiomics: there is more than meets the eye in medical imaging

Hugo Aerts


EXPLORER: Changing the molecular imaging paradigm with total-body PET/CT

Simon R. Cherry; Ramsey D. Badawi; Terry Jones


The evolution of medical imaging from qualitative to quantitative: opportunities, challenges, and approaches

Edward F. Jackson


Optics + Photonics 2015

Photonics West 2015

Medical Imaging 2015

Advanced Lithography 2015

Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2014

Photonics West 2014

A new plasmonics enhanced ultrafast laser multi-nanoscapel

Michel Meunier


Clinical translation in OCT: Role of research, funding, and entrepreneurism

Eric Swanson


Diffuse optical methods for assessing breast cancer chemotherapy

Bruce J. Tromberg


Femtosecond laser 3D micromachining and its applications to biochip fabrication

Koji Sugioka


Journey into the brain: from single synapse to whole brain anatomy by correlative microscopy

Francesco Pavone


New small quantum dots for neuroscience

Paul Selvin


Optical spectroscopy and tomography of oxygen delivery: From macro to micro and back

David Boas


Photoacoustic tomography: Ultrasonically beating optical diffusion and diffraction

Lihong Wang


Photonics21 and the perspectives from the European photonics industry

Michael Mertin


Scanning fiber endoscopy: multimodes of guided intervention

Eric J. Seibel


Single-cell photonic nanocavity probes

Gary Shambat


The previously unbelievable performance of ultrafast thin disk lasers

Ursula Keller


Optics + Photonics 2014

CPV: Lessons from the First 100MW and the Explosion of Next Generation Technologies

Adam P. Plesniak


Materials and devices for bioresorbable electronics

John A. Rogers


Nanoscale Engineering Optical Nonlinearities and Nanolasers

Shaya Fainman


Organic Solar Cells: From a Lab Curiosity to a Serious Photovoltaic Technology

Karl Leo


Data-adaptive filtering and the state of the art in image processing

Peyman Milanfar


Smart Structures 2014

Light-induced electrical switching of porphyrin-covered silicon nanowire FETs

Gianaurelio Cuniberti


Noncontact laser sensing technology for structural health monitoring and nondestructive testing

Hoon Sohn


Transition from Nondestructive Testing (NDT) to Structural Health Monitoring (SHM): potential and challenges

Peter Cawley


Optics + Photonics 2013

A unique approach to address concentrator photovoltaic cost and performance challenges

Scott Burroughs


Are we alone? Stories from the frontline of Kepler's search for Earth's twin

Jon Jenkins


Challenges of solar and renewable energy technologies

Thomas J. Bialek


Zapping rocks on Mars: exploring the Red Planet with Curiosity and its laser

Roger C. Wiens


Molding optical wavefronts: flat optics based on metasurfaces

Federico Capasso


Molecular chromophores for next-generation solar photon harvesting

Andrew J. Ferguson


New materials strategies for creating hybrid electronic circuitry

Tobin J. Marks


Spin effects in organic optoelectronic devices

Z. Valy Vardeny


The optical mission behind the Stratos Project

Dennis Fisher


Trends and challenges in open source software

Stephen Aylward


Advanced Lithography 2014

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