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Top Downloads from SPIE Journals and Proceedings

for October 2015


All-sky survey mission observing scenario strategy (J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst.; 2015)

SALSA: a tool to estimate the stray light contamination for low-Earth orbit observatories (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Prediction of clinical phenotypes in invasive breast carcinomas from the integration of radiomics and genomics data (J. Medical Imaging; 2015)

Folate receptor-mediated tumor-targeted upconversion nanocomplex for photodynamic therapy triggered by near-infrared light (Proceedings of SPIE; 2013)

Communications & Information Technology

Review on recent developments in hybrid optical amplifier for dense wavelength division multiplexed system (Optical Engineering; 2015)

NASA's optical communications program for 2015 and beyond (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

Defense & Security

Artificial target detection with a hyperspectral LiDAR over 26-h measurement (Optical Engineering; 2015)

Deep convolutional neural networks for ATR from SAR imagery (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Computational method for calligraphic style representation and classification (J. Electronic Imaging; 2015)

An overview of new video coding tools under consideration for VP10: the successor to VP9 (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


Perovskites: transforming photovoltaics, a mini-review (J. Photonics for Energy; 2015)

Optimization of interfacial layer for double and triple junction polymer solar cell (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


Fundamental mechanisms of laser-induced damage in optical materials: today’s state of understanding and problems (Optical Engineering; 2015)

2.1 kW single mode continuous wave monolithic fiber laser (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

Light Sources & Illumination

Recent advances in light outcoupling from white organic light-emitting diodes (J. Photonics for Energy; 2015)

Design and fabrication of concave-convex lens for head mounted virtual reality 3D glasses (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

Lithography & Microelectronics

Spectral emission properties of a laser-produced plasma light source in the sub-200 nm range for wafer inspection applications (J. Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS; 2015)

Advanced patterning approaches based on negative-tone development (NTD) process for further extension of 193nm immersion lithography (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


Improving the accuracy of phase-shifting techniques (Optical Engineering; 2015)

3D optical phase reconstruction within PMMA samples using a spectral OCT system (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


Fitting the optical constants of gold, silver, chromium, titanium, and aluminum in the visible bandwidth (J. Nanophotonics; 2014)

Towards all-dielectric metamaterials and nanophotonics (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


Fabricating optical lenses by inkjet printing and heat-assisted in situ curing of polydimethylsiloxane for smartphone microscopy (J. Biomedical Optics; 2015)

Optical coatings and metamaterials (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

Remote Sensing

Economic impacts of climate change on agriculture: the AgMIP approach (J. Applied Remote Sensing; 2015)

SkySat-1: very high-resolution imagery from a small satellite (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)


Review of fiber-optic pressure sensors for biomedical and biomechanical applications (J. Applied Remote Sensing; 2013)

Visible and infrared detector developments supported by the European Space Agency
(Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

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