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Top Downloads from SPIE Journals and Proceedings

for April 2015


Carbon nanotube optical mirrors (J. Astron. Telesc. Instrum. Syst.; 2014)

Overview and results of the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Optical coherence tomography today: speed, contrast, and multimodality (J. Biomedical Optics; 2014)

Rapid non-invasive tests for diagnostics of infectious diseases (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Communications & Information Technology

Mid-infrared integrated optics: versatile hot embossing of mid-infrared glasses for on-chip planar waveguides for molecular sensing (Optical Engineering; 2014)

Integrated optical waveguide and nanoparticle based label-free molecular biosensing concepts (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Defense & Security

Artificial target detection with a hyperspectral LiDAR over 26-h measurement (Optical Engineering; 2015)

The next generation in aircraft protection against advanced MANPADS (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Internal fingerprint zone detection in optical coherence tomography fingertip scans (J. Electronic Imaging; 2015)

Use of SLIC superpixels for ancient document image enhancement and segmentation (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


One-step, low-temperature deposited perovskite solar cell utilizing small molecule additive (J. Photonics for Energy; 2015)

On the use of nonlinear solitary waves for energy harvesting (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


Fundamental mechanisms of laser-induced damage in optical materials: today’s state
of understanding and problems
(Optical Engineering; 2014)

Femtosecond fiber laser additive manufacturing and welding for 3D manufacturing (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

Light Sources & Illumination

Transparent electrodes for organic optoelectronic devices: a review (J. Photonics for Energy; 2014)

Performance optimization of MOPA pre-pulse LPP light source (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

Lithography & Microelectronics

Subresolution assist features in extreme ultraviolet lithography (J. Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS; 2015)

Progress on EUV pellicle development (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)


Fabrication error analysis for diffractive optical elements used in a lithography illumination system (Optical Engineering; 2015)

Scatterometry or imaging overlay: a comparative study (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


Review of mid-infrared plasmonic materials (J. Nanophotonics; 2015)

Characterization techniques for semiconductors and nanostructures: a review of recent advances (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)


Lensless imaging for wide field of view(Optical Engineering; 2015)

Design and fabrication of mechanochromic photonic crystals as strain sensor (Proceedings of SPIE; 2015)

Remote Sensing

Ocean color measurements with the Operational Land Imager on Landsat-8: implementation and evaluation in SeaDAS (J. Applied Remote Sensing; 2015)

SkySat-1: very high-resolution imagery from a small satellite (Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)


Development of quantum well, quantum dot, and type II superlattice infrared photodetectors (J. Applied Remote Sensing; 2014)

Benefits of oversampled small pixel focal plane arrays
(Proceedings of SPIE; 2014)

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